Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

The Fridge Project International

The Fridge Project International started in 2011 and consists of an on-going image collection of fridges from around the world. A list of participants is being posted separately.

Vertical Format
200 - 300 dpi /jpg
Fridge door open at 90 degrees
Undisguised content

With permission photographs will be printed at 50 x 75 cm and shown as part of the Fridge Project International installation.
Images will find a location on a website.Names will be listed. Fridges will remain anonymous.

Collections and images follow the blog

on the off-chance - the mental fridge 2011 was inspired by Rodolfo de Matteis

A Jesus to be kept in fridge as a consumer good
along with the Mother Goddess, ready to be defrosted in urgent cases
to be sliced still hard and cold, for spiritual snacks
microwaved and put in between two pages of The Capital
or The Tao of Physics.

X feeding your daughter, before it is too late.

Before the approaching herd of dinosaurs
fed with reactionary vulgar and revisionist cultures
give her as wife to a flankey not so handsome
who dig your grave, cable tv equipped
with an interminable provision of bottled water.



Rodolfo de Matteis
Bardo Rodol