Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Guerrilla Garden Braunschweig 2011

5 Monate später

Action II

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

Town: Braunschweig , Germany
location: Eisenbüttlerstrasse
time: 11 am
duration: 3 hours

materials: Sterngladiolen 12 Stück, Holländische Iris 20 Stück, 20 plants Stiefmütterchen, Harke, Stecher, Water (limited amount)

site selection

Instead of searching for a location in the heart of the city centre, I chose Eisenbüttlerstrasse because it is near the Railway Line visible from trains passing by, it is a neglected area, often cars are stuck in long cues on the road, it is a south side area which provides enough light for the growth, the selection of space occurred next to a tree, there was a sign which lead me and approved the site: a small piece of glass with star designs, a fragment perhaps from an old fashioned salon door. The location of Eisenbüttlerstrasse is near my studio on Wolfenbüttler Strasse in Braunschweig which makes it possible to get more water for the young plants from time to time and to monitor and document this patch in the near future.

furchen, harken

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