Samstag, 20. November 2010

Haarscharf und um Haaresbreite

seats are available on the upper deck, a seat is there,

relax a little, wait a little,
to expand the comfort of waiting time I am sitting down
on the empty seat in the big transdev one of the city
waiting time from a - z and recognize the hidden elements
which are buried under the obviousness of contrast.

Colors are behind the curtains of numerous, uncounted windows

who is there in the district of the inner city.
There is a system where signals can be re-arranged
to make up for the marks.
The sight now is oblivious of reason much less to the effect
of negative spaces. The Palace and the hordes of uncounted objects
and m...coats, still who really knows if the poppies of the fields actually blossom in their darkest black.

Only the nail sculptor was worthy of those distributed pinks

and her straightest lines between a and z.
Then the locations of meaning in the mind begin to correlate to the
counted positions on the table, projects like place mats mark the time of the presence.
Voices from empty chairs dictate their priorities over and over again until each plate is filled with Grey.

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